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EMP Manager

Brother Philipp Frei is a Swiss brother who was saved in his youth but experienced some very poor leadership in Switzerland. He held a Bible study for a few years in his home, but the Lord had a different plan. Knowing our common need for each other, the Lord led Bro. Frei to our church and EMP. He has exercised great faith insofar as he has given up a great paying job because he wanted to serve the Lord full time. His pay is ridiculously low. But we are happy to have Bro. Frei on board. He‘s a fine brother who loves the Lord and shows it daily by his hard work at EMP. He has learned my vision and is daily expanding it. God is good to knit the hearts of like-minded brethren and afford us the opportunity to serve Him together. Please help me pray that the Lord would provide greater means to offer him and our other staff a more regular income.