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Our Pastor

  Thomas W. Castellaw was born in Georgia on June 24th, 1972. He received the Lord Jesus Christ as His Savior at the age of 15 in Atlanta, GA. He joined the US Army during Desert Storm. His first duty station was Schweinfurt, Germany. After an ITT to Nurnberg, he joined Bavaria Bible Baptist Church. There, God called him to preach, and he decided to give his whole life to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. He was trained in the local church Bible Institute in Germany and received much practical, hands-on instruction while serving in that church. He later went on to earn his Bachelors of Theology in South Carolina. Years later, his local pastor with five other pastors in America ordained Rev. Castellaw to the gospel ministry. 
When his service in the Army was over in 1993, he left the military and started working at Bible Baptist Church, working in the church printshop, in the Christian school and filling the pulpit in the pastor’s absence. In August of that same year, he married the church secretary, Angelika Stricker, a German national. He continued working along side the senior pastor until 1998, when the senior pastor announced that he would return to the United States and leave the mission field. Bro. Castellaw spent the next two years in America raising support to be able to return to Germany and continue the mission work here. He and his wife arrived in the Heidelberg community in November of 2000 and started Bible Baptist Church just a few weeks later.
Over the years, many have come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, many more have been instructed in the Word of God and gained confidence in the King James Bible as the very word of God. The printing ministry is permanently staffed and producing more literature than ever. The Heidelberg Bible Institute has trained a good handful of men in the particulars of sound doctrine, church planting and the ministry in general. All in all Bro. Castellaw’s burden can be summed up in one phrase: get the word of God out in any way and in as many ways as possible. His desire for Bible Baptist Church is to continue to: “Disseminate the Truth…”